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Fornitura Canili per le Basi Nato alla Dogbox

Fornitura Canili per le Basi Nato alla Dogbox


La fornitura delle strutture per le unità cinofile della NATO alla DOGBOX. L’appalto faceva parte del programma antiterrorismo internazionale e l’abbiamo ottenuto vincendo un bando a livello europeo. E-Proprietaria del marchi Dogbox è stata autorizzata dal Ministero della Difesa, mediante assegnazione del codice NATO NCAGE, alla fornitura di servizi o materiali al Governo degli Stati Uniti ed alle basi americane in Italia oltre che alla Difesa Nazionale e di altri Paesi NATO.

02-12-2008 16:49
The Italian Air Force (ITAF) is developing its own Military Working Dogs (MWD) program.
The aim of the program is to establish up to six K9 units for each major ITAF air base to increase perimeter security and explosive detection. The program consists of different phases. This is the third phase which consists in the acquisition of two different types of kennels, one prefabricated for fix installation and one transportable (deployable) to support out of area operations, including storage of prefabricated units delivery and local installation. 1.2. This Statement of Work (SOW) describes the product required and associated services. 2. LIST OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES • 29 (twenty-nine) prefabricated kennels delivery and local installation • 2 (two) deployable kennels delivery • 2 (two) Storage prefabricated units delivery and local installation. 3. REQUIREMENTS FOR 29 PREFABRICATED KENNELS 3.1. General. The kennels must provide the daily living environment for the dogs, giving each dog a place for eating and resting. Kennel areas shall be built to accommodate large-breed dogs and designed as modular structures to allow future expansions. The kennels shall be a combination indoor/outdoor area (day and night areas). 3.2. Number and location of needed kennels. The kennels shall be delivered and installed in the following locations: UNIT PLACE KENNELS Nr. ARRANGEMENTK9 Center Grosseto (GR) 20 Line up 16° Wing Martina Franca (TA) 3 “ 46^ Air Brigade Pisa AFB (PI) 3 “ 41° Wing Sigonella AFB (CT) 2 “ RMS Villafranca (VR) 1 Single box 3.3. Kennel detailed requirements. a. Each kennel shall be prefabricated box units with a minimum standard interior size (night area) of 200 x 150 cm, with walls of “sandwich” panels in galvanized steel pre-coated on both sides, filled with insulating and fireproof polyurethane foam. The insulation of walls and roof shall be adequate to mitigate sudden changes in temperature and to lower the noise level caused by the dogs. Adequate ventilation shall be ensured. Box’s roof must be sloped in order to allow water discharge

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